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Water Heaters in Vancouver, BC

No matter the season of the year, you will need a working water heater to supply your home with the hot water everyone needs for basic tasks, such as cleaning and cooking. Even managing to go one day without hot water can be enormously taxing. Taking good care of your current water heater, or finding the best water heater for a new installation, is an essential part of maintaining a pleasant and liveable home environment.

Along with our many other plumbing services, the trained team at Mr. Swirl The Friendly Plumber provides comprehensive service for water heaters and hot water tanks. Our repair and installation experts can serve a variety of your needs, including upgrading an aging old storage tank system to the energy-saving capabilities of a tankless water heater. Call us for service in the Vancouver, BC area—any time of the day or night!

The professionals at Mr. Swirl The Friendly Plumber offer comprehensive services for water heaters in Vancouver, BC and throughout the Lower Mainland area.

We Offer Water Heater Installation

Are you moving into a new house that doesn’t have a water heater installed yet? Or has your old water heater fallen into such disrepair that the best option is to have it replaced with a new system? Just give us a call! We provide speedy installation and replacement services for water heaters of many types, including the standard storage tank model and the energy efficient and convenient tankless water heater.

Do You Need Repairs or Maintenance for a Water Heater?

To receive the longest service life from a water heater, no matter what type it is, you must have it regularly maintained. Each year, arrange for a plumbing professional to inspect, tune–up, and clean the water heater so that it will work at its highest energy efficiency and with little danger that it will develop leaks, rust, and excess sediment build–up.

There’s no way that you can avoid all future troubles that a water heater may encounter. If you notice a drop in water temperature, a decline in hot water volume, leaking around the base of the tank, or anything else that indicates a malfunction in the water heater, call our repair specialists right away.

Mr. Swirl The Friendly Plumber’s Service for Water Heaters Is Comprehensive

It doesn’t matter what you need for a superior water heating performance in your home. Mr. Swirl The Friendly Plumber can take care of it. We are the friendly plumber for Vancouver, BC, and we treat your home with respect on each job we do, leaving behind no messes. Let us see to your water heater installation, replacement, repair, maintenance, or other service.

Tank Water Heater

The standard for water heaters for many decades is the storage tank water heater. You’re familiar with the type: a system that stores water in a large tank and applies energy to it (electrical or natural gas) to keep the water at a constant high temperature for immediate use. You probably have a storage tank water heater in your home right now, or are considering installing one, and we are here to help with whatever service you need for it.

Tankless Water Heater

One of the best innovations in home comfort technology is the tankless water heater. These systems apply thermal energy to water in the pipes as it moves through a heat exchanger, and it only heats up water when there is a demand for it. This means that there’s no hot water supply that can run out, and also that the system uses much less energy. Talk to our water heater experts today to learn more about installing or servicing a tankless system.